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HVAC ducting insulation

The importance of HVAC ducting insulation.

HVAC installations have to maintain the temperature and heat loss of the air at the specified level when transporting warm air through long ventilation ducts. It is important you keep both criteria at desired level to minimise energy loss.

Ducts that transport cool air also need a good thermal insulation solution. The insulation maintains the lower temperature inside the duct by insulating it from the warmer ambient air temperature. If the cool air in the duct is heated by the surrounding air, the HVAC system functions less effectively and you will need more energy to maintain the duct’s correct temperature. If the ducts are properly insulated, the whole ventilation system will work as designed and you need less equipment calibration.

StwF offers a wide range of products for these insulation applications such as insulation pins and clips, self adhesive fasteners, Cupped head pins and welding machines