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Some industries, like furnace building industry, fossil power plants, refuse incinerators (garbage disposal plants) and chemical-/petrochemical industry, insulate materials up to 1200 °C which requires special insulation materials and insulation pins.

StwF offers great solutions for these applications such as a big range of high temperature insulation pins and clips, refractory anchors and welding machines.

Materials Used: Heat resistance on air up to …°C Applications
Standard No. (DIN)


1.0116 ST37-3 350 °C Sulphur Removal
1.5415 15Mo3 530 °C Nitric Oxide Removal
1.4301 X5CrNi 1810 304 800 °C Chimney Breeching
1.4742 X10CrAl18 446 1000 °C Chimney Incinerator
1.4841 X15CrNiSi 310 1150 °C Chimney Furnace
2.4851 INCONEL60 1250 °C Furnace