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Stud welding advantages

Stud welding provides excellent welding success under a broad range of conditions. It produces a full cross-sectional weld, forming a bond that is stronger than the surrounding metal.

  • Improved Quality

— Stud welding produces a strong, one-sided weld. The welds are vibration-proof and resistant to breaking, loosening, or weakening.

— In applications where quality is measured in part by attractive appearance, Arc stud welding offers excellent cosmetic appeal because the reverse side is not marred.

— Arc stud welding’s one- sided fastening process permits greater design versatility.

— Very low distortion via extremely short welding time

  • Increased Productivity

— Compared with other typical fastening processes, stud welding permits faster and easier manufacturing due to its ease of handling and lightning welding time. In general stud welding can be automated to a very high degree

— Stud welding eliminates punching, drilling, tapping, riveting, threading, gluing and screwing.

  • Economic Advantages

— Labor costs are dramatically reduced with stud welding because through-hole preparation is eliminated and the process can be completed by a single worker.

— Low prices for standard studs.