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Stud welding fields of applications

Because Stud welding process offers such benefits as high structural integrity, excellent productivity, leak resistance, corrosion resistance, minimized noise and vibration, and many other benefits, it has found extensive use in a wide range of applications, including:

• Shipbuilding — fitout (interiors, cableways, floors, ceilings, kitchens), clamping (above floor level walkways, floating walkways), portholes, fitout equipment (food preparation, linen care, sanitation), insulation (cabin insulation, sound insulation ship interior, fire insulation, HVAC insulation).

• Automotive — heat shields, power steering and dashboard components, instrument panels, insulation, exhaust systems, lighting systems, hydraulic/brake/fluid lines, electrical wire routing, and trim

• Construction — bridges, buildings, conduit, piping, window mullions / frames, facades, lifts (elevators, moving walkways), mining, tunnel drilling, special purpose

• Farm equipment — fenders, brackets, cabs, spreaders, shrouding, thresher teeth, wiring and hose management, tractors, mowers, seeders.

• Highway equipment — cover plates, non-skid devices, wiring and hose management

• Commercial / Domestic Appliances— dishwashers, bottle washers, kitchen equipment / utensils / cookware, griddle plate assemblies, linen washing and drying equipment, linen care (Irons), sterilizing equipment, vending machines (food, liquids, tickets, cigarettes),    transaction machines, food and material handling equipment parts, audio equipment (HiFi, Recording Studio Panels), ice machines

• Fabricated Metal Products — electrical enclosures, signature (metal nameplates & badges, traffic signs), safe deposit boxes, hinges, guide rails, escutcheon plates, heating elements,     hand tools, containers / tanks for holding oil/water/chemicals, timber processing, BBQ

• Climate Control — HVAC (Ducting, facades, coolrooms, refrigerated containers), heat exchangers, air conditioning units, sound proofing (ducting, facades), Heat / Fire Protection (Power plants, incinerators, industrial furnaces, chemical and petrochemical industry),

• Power Generation, refining and waste treatment — boilers, steam generation, gas, coal,    nuclear, transformers, refractory, incineration.